Pantheon || page 110, panels 3-6

My grandma and mother-in-law are so excited to read this comic and I’m just “cooooool” *thinks hard about pages 110-112*

You can preorder Pantheon here!

24-Hour-Comic Day is this weekend but unfortunately, Lead Ache can’t partake because we are attending Bristol Zine and Comic Fair!

However, we are rescheduling it and me, melissatrender and cartoongraveyard will be taking part on 18th October (which is also my birthday!)

We are also working on a theme of “love in space”.

Anonymous asked:

They’re still around in my head. Hendricks are imagine will work better as a printed graphic novel that I might attempt as my next one after Pantheon.

Anonymous asked:

Production on my nickelodeon short Urchin begins on Wednesday which will take me through until November. During this till I’ll be doing Pantheon promotion, taking it to a few conventions and making merch and sending it to some publishers. 

In the new year… not sure. Gonna be hopefully doing something with Rudi and also making a Dead End webcomic but who knows?I’m gonna enjoy the freedom for a bit!


Pantheon || page 115, panel 4

Isis is the best mum. 

You can preorder Pantheon here!

Final week of drawing Pantheon I think! (I hope!)


Pantheon || pages 134-135

This is the image I drew on today’s live stream which can be watched here.

Be warned, it’s 4 hours long and an hour of that is me drawing Parks and Rec characters and watching some music videos. 

This is from the ending of the book, but I’m making sure to not post any significant spoilers. 

You can preorder Pantheon here!

Look at this page!

I drew Andy and April from Parks and Rec as fuckin furries 

Pantheon Pages 134-135 Live Stream! by Hamish Steele →

feat. Janelle Monae, questions and chatter! I’m gonna be drawing for the next few hours a big huge page!

Gonna live stream some Pantheon at 12.30 BST.

That’s just under an hour away!

Come join me for art, Q&A, music and probably some unexpected cameos from my fiancé. 

Link will be posted shortly!

I’ve been playing Hyrule Warriors and I keep forgetting Link’s even in the game. Is Zimpa a thing?