Today I watched two things about the daughters of space tyrants killing things, but I’ve already drawn Guardians of the Galaxy fan art. 

Love yourself. Enjoy your mind. Watch Manly!



The hardest thing about being a cartoonist is you constantly have to have like a dozen projects going at once just to keep afloat, and the result, for me at least, is that none of them ever seem to get your complete attention at any given time and you always feel like you’re drifting in space.



Adventure Time storyboard artist and writer Jesse Moynihan along with his brother musician and Adventure Time composer Justin Moynihan have created Manly in which they have described as “Silver Surfer meets Star Trek Next Generation, with the violence of Fist of the North Star and the tenderness of the Little Prince”.

Now stop reading the description and check it out for yourself!

I like this.


Ooga Chaka! Oog Chaka!

I drew this on a live stream that you can watch here

I’m so happy to be able to reblog this and be able to say this film was amazing. Honestly my favourite Marvel film, and I’ve never said that about one of them before. And I’m pretty certain that with a few more rewatches it’ll become one of my all time favourites.


commission for hamishmash of his husband and himself!! 

look at this precious drawing of me and my man by Cerigg who has quickly become my favourite artist on Tumblr!

I had to draw the look in Janelle’s new emotion picture [x]


I made some Dead End fanart! This awesome cartoon by Hamish Steele!

If you haven’t seen it, watch it already!

Thanks a bunch! It’s really cool to see people still watching the short all these weeks after!


Sure you are, Osiris. 

Also get to know the voice actors Zach Pearlman, Cameron Goodman and Stefan Marks in this awesome little behind the scenes featurette!

Wanna see the Dead End animatic? Sure you do! Well it’s here!